Business Filings Made Simple


Starting a Business? Registering a trademark? Setting up a corporation or LLC? Let our team of business filings experts take care of the paperwork for you while you focus on what you love - growing your business. Our Business Startup Consultants Are ready to assist you! 

Need a Trusted Partner to Alert You of Compliance Due Dates & Filing of Annual Reports? We got you covered! 

High Society Management offers business formations, filings, state tax registrations, and corporate compliance services in all 50 states. Express and 24 hour rush filing services available upon request.

Our Compliance Portal will proactively send you alerts when an annual report or other critical compliance is due. And when that notice arrives, you know filing your paperwork is fast and easy.

Whether you have a single LLC or hundreds of companies and corporations, BPO Communications can provide support anywhere within the United States. Our team of business filing specialists is here to make sure it’s super easy for you to manage your paperwork and stay in compliance.

All of Your Company’s Important Documents Are All Stored in One Secure Location and Available Via Mobile Device

Whether you have a c-corp, s-corp, or an LLC, our Compliance Portal securely hosts your critical information, official state documents, corporate bylaws, meeting minutes, and/or operating agreements. Everything you need to incorporate a business is right at your fingertips.

Need to open up a new bank account? No problem! We have all of your articles of organization and other documents waiting for you to quickly access and download. Need to update your corporate minutes and resolutions? We’ve got you covered. Access them at any time and from anywhere in the world. Need to share critical documents with accountants, lawyers, and other members of your business team? We can handle that too.


And should your business grow and evolve, you can request any type of business filing, in any state, with only a few simple clicks.

Trusted by thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs, our Business Formation & Corporate Compliance Program is the smartest way to start a business and stay compliant.


  • Fast and easy

  • Reliable, affordable, and guaranteed

  • Live experts at your service