Frequently asked questions

Call Center

Will my business be able to accept calls 24/7?

Yes! A 24/7 call answering service is an answering service staffed by our friendly, professional customer experience experts who can answer your customer calls day or night. Excellent for after-hour calls or daytime overflow calls, a 24/7 answering service ensures your customers always reach a live person and receive superior customer care no matter when they call your business. Our packages start at 8 hours but you can choose more hours.

How should a call answering service answer my calls?

Quickly and with warmth and professionalism! We answer 99% of our clients' calls within one to three rings. This - and our 5-star customer service - are the most important metrics we use to measure our success in offering you the best service. We intake the call how you instruct us to. If you're appointment setting or processing orders, our intake coordinator will speak with you directly to make sure we are all on the same page. We provide all account holders with a unique forwarding phone number. You forward your calls to that number and when the number rings at our contact center, the agent answers in your company name and follows your account instructions.

Are you based in the United States? / Where do you provide your services?

Yes, we have call agents spread from the West Coast to the East Coast in every time zone. If a natural disaster or power outage causes a service disruption in one area, our distributed employee strategy allows customer service experts in another area to pick up the slack. Your calls will always be answered.

Do I need to get a new phone number?

Nope. Simply forward your lines whenever you need us, and we'll take it from there. If you'd like one, we're happy to provide you with a toll-free number to advertise however you wish.

Can you transfer my calls to my mobile or home phone?

We can patch calls wherever you like, be it the phone in your living room or your on-call's cell.

Do you outsource your calls to overseas call centers?

No, we only hire Customer Service Professionals within the United States.

How quickly can I start using your services?

Most accounts are active, with messaging capability, within 1 business day. Full customization is typically completed within 1 to 2 business days from receipt of your instructions and contact lists.

Is privacy important to you will my and my client’s information be protected?

Yes, our answering service takes privacy very seriously. All employees sign a confidentiality agreement which remains in effect indefinitely. Our call center utilizes the highest data encryption and firewall technologies to insure the integrity and security of our network. We are HIPAA compliant, employing the highest standard of customer data and information protection. Clients can rest assured that information is safe and secure.

How will I get my messages?

We deliver messages via fax, email, text messaging (SMS), MiSecure Messaging Cell Phone App, alpha pager, digital pager, verbally over the phone and via the web. Select any of these options in any combination. For example, we can send a text message to your cell phone, and then you can later retrieve or review that same message on the web, and then via a summary email the next morning. Also, based on your account setup, you can have different dispatch protocols for different types of messages (i.e. emergencies sent via text message and then called to confirm receipt but all routine calls held for the next morning).

How do your CSPs know what questions I want asked and what information I require from my callers?

Every account is custom built based on your specifications, script requirements (if any) and dispatch protocols. You can adjust your account questions and dispatch protocols by contacting your Business Development Coordinator (BDC).

How do your CSPs process orders for my company?

We can connect to your database using a direct connection or by utilizing an API connection. If neither is available we can use our web interface to connect directly to your online order processing system. To speed up this process we recommend the use of a robust search feature. Also, guest checkout should be enabled and we can not always use a Paypal checkout.

Business Services

Business Funding

I have a 700 credit score, how much funding can I get?

If you have a 700 credit score or higher, we can get you funding from $20,000 to $500,000 in personal funding.

Is the process difficult?

We specialize in making the funding process easy by walking you through our process. Once you apply, we can have an approval for you in 24 to 48 hours. Funding takes about 2 weeks.

How are we paid?

We get paid based on getting you funding. So, if we can not get you funding, we do not get paid.We are experts in getting clients funding, we also work with hundreds of lenders to get you approved.